Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV), as he leaves a caucus meeting with the Senate Democrats at the U.S. Capitol on Dec. 17. | Anna Moneymaker, Getty Images

John Fugelsang, a member of Twitter’s blue checkmark elite and comedian, took to Twitter to do what all unfunny comedians usually do: make a civically inept comment about America, or how her constitutional orientation is detrimental to “democracy” (a word much abused in our time). The institution of choice among…

The Battle of Trenton by H. Charles McBarron, Jr., 1975.

The modern American left has issued many excuses for the nationwide riots that ensued in the wake of George Floyd’s death. All sorts of mainstream media melodrama would flood our computers and phones about 400 years of oppression and “how much more can they take!” One of the most interesting…

The vast majority of white Americans aren't descended from slave owners. The amount of white people that have come from other European countries to the United States has since made white Americans descended of colonial slave owners an extremely small minority.

I'll never understand why people who peddle the "white…

Paleo-conservative… neo-conservative… what were we talking about again?

Donald Trump’s rise to political prominence was propelled by a novel brand of conservative populism (or paleo-conservatism): one that promised to make America great again by fighting the establishment elites for the middle class American.

Of course, most politicians, Republican or Democrat, make these promises in their bid for political…

Luke Lattanzi

Luke Lattanzi is an opinion editor at conservative digital magazine, American Pigeon.

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